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Copiah-Lincoln Community College Internet Policy: The following guidelines have been developed for Copiah-Lincoln Community College personnel and students who use the Internet Services provided by the college. These policies are not intended to be inclusive, and the omission of any specific item or topic from these written policies is not to be construed as an exclusion of that item or topic from the policies.

1. A violation of any state or federal law or regulation through use of the Internet is an automatic violation of Copiah-Lincoln Community College policy. No employee or student of the college shall use the Internet services provided by the college in any manner which violates any state or federal law or regulation.

2. It is the policy of the college that Internet services provided by the college are for official educational and research use in accordance with the mission and purpose of the college. No employee or student of the college shall use such Internet services for personal use or for any purpose which is not in accordance with the mission and purpose of the college.

3. The Instructor/supervisor in charge of any facility or class situation is responsible for overseeing appropriate use.

4. Technology Committee - It shall be the responsibility of this committee to develop policies and guidelines for use of the Internet and to monitor the compliance with all regulations and guidelines from outside agencies as well as Co-Lin.

Copiah-Lincoln Community College has adopted a policy on World Wide Web pages and other electronic publications.

No individual shall access, use, destroy, alter, dismantle, disfigure, or remove programs, technologies, or configurations/settings from any computer. Any patron found using software that has not been previously approved for use on the library computers or found tampering with any installed programs or settings of the hardware will be barred from using the equipment.

Users must respect the privacy of other individuals.  Any use of Co-Lin computer and network resources which violates the privacy of any other individual is prohibited.

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